Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Mean Mother

The Chicago Tribune sent National Correspondent Tim Jones  to our humble little pig/cow/nutcake farm this afternoon to interview us about raw milk issues in Illinois. While he is compiling his notes and we are waiting for the Tribunes photographer to arrive, I thought I would post some new pics of Lady Anne, the MEANEST mother in town.

Now, if you know my kids, you have probably heard that I was the meanest mother on earth. But one look into Lady Annes eyes and it becomes clear who is meanest.

 Would you try to get this little babies away from her ? Me neither. Not without a good suit of armor.


  1. Not even WITH a suit of armor!

  2. I read "Adventures in Farming" blog about the "Canned Ham" don't know if you saw that one or not. Since I haven't raised any pigs yet I don't know how well it works but it sounded like a really good idea. But I know the mommas they can pretty angry! Just thought I'd mention that check it out if you happened to of missed it.