Monday, April 19, 2010

Running on Empty

I've been in an accident. Yesterday afternnoon about 5 pm I ran head head on into a brick wall. I did not see it coming. There were no flashing warning lights. I had worked an extra shift last Wed night then my 12 hour weekend night shifts. I slept a little Sunday morning and gotten up about 1:30. Visited with two sons, and one daughter in law, checked on new baby pigs and then Keith and I went for a walk west of our house where this picture above was taken. That is when I hit the brick wall. Don't see it ? Look harder, its right there.

I very suddenly felt so bone weary I thought I would lie right down in the cow pasture in which we were standing and take a nap. I was Dorothy in the poppy field. Unable to resist the pull of heavy sleep. I turned to Keith , mumbled something about "goodnight", crawled back under the electric fence and stumbled upstairs back to bed. I slept 13 hours. This left Keith with all the evening chores. THIRTEEN HOURS ! What a waste of time.

What happened ? Well, the answer is simple. I work much harder than most women and I don't work near as hard as the majority. I juggle work and farm and a little grand kid care and some elder care. I handle paperwork and deadlines, family events and yardwork. I have even been known to go to church, on occasion.  I do laundry, dishes, make lots of  farm related phone calls to folks like the Illinois Department of Health and I fake a lot of meals but I'll be honest, I haven't dusted in weeks and the toilets are completely on their own.

I am woman hear me snore. THATS what happened yesterday.


  1. Even the earth gets to take a nap now and then..

    Sound like you really needed that one. Maybe a few follow ups, and you'll be good as new!

  2. I enjoy your blog. Want you to take better care of yourself so you can keep it up!!! I'm recovering from sleep deprivation. Fighting depression -- mostly from just being tired all the time. And I know nurses make the lousiest patients. (Well, maybe doctors have them beat there.) Take care, sister! ~Liz

  3. Yup, these 5:00am to 11:00pm shifts are getting to me too. With the got to dos shoving you forward, you must of been plum exhausted to be able to sleep and not be awaken by the drive to get things done. I'm not quite there yet as I still wake up early on my own but I can see the brick wall looming ahead.