Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Special delivery...Semen

Mad Max. Still not Famous

Let me be honest here. I've had many job titles over the years, some I've even been able to talk about publicly but semen collector will not be one of them this year.

The SVF Foundation  of Rhode Island along with the University of Pennsylvania is offering classes in the collecting of Heritage Hog Semen, storage and transportation so that other heritage hog breeders can have access to the genetic material of these fine creatures. They say the class will teach the "hands on skills" needed. (Lucky Boars) Classes start next month. I was honored that they asked me to attend.

I know, I know, if anyone could do it it would be me. My thoughts exactly. But timing is everything (as I keep saying) and in the midst of all we are involved in on our farm and with raw milk issues, I had to accept the fact that traveling back to the East Coast where the classes are being offered next month, is just not feasible.

But just think about it. Our local post office already gets a big kick out of the soap I've been shipping all over the country. It makes all of us feel so special in our tiny town. Imagine the swelling pride we'd all experience if when at the post while asking the usual questions "is there anything in here that is liquid, flammable, or of a questionable nature?" I could actually say YES!

It is Mad Max Semen, if you must know, and of course it must be insured.

Well, that was my dream, but it's been crushed. Keith says we have work that must be done here, another trip out East will be too expensive, take too much time, ....etc. I think he's just trying to protect his wife's reputation and the inevitable teasing I would have to endure within our upper class social circle.

Midlife Semenwife

That's not so bad, is it?



    Sorry to hear about your lack of class (a joke--sorry). What a job that would be. I've had my hands in many things and in much goo, but that one takes the cake. Yes, you would have raised a few eyebrows. Maybe next year....

  2. I'm afraid Jocelyn, its more than eyebrows I would have raised.

  3. Oh that's awesome!

    I laughed so hard at the Midlife Semenwife that I actually snorted coffee up my nose.



    I'm glad I wasn't enjoying my tea when I clicked on over.

    Happy SPRING!

  5. I tried to send my own through the post in the past, but it breaches Royal Mail rules, even on Valentine's Day.

  6. Lindsey, my point exactly. I'd be snorting up my nose the entire time. I'm not mature enough for that job. Maybe when I'm 60

  7. Mary
    You people sure do drink alot when you're reading my blog

  8. Tom,Please remove me immediately from your address book

  9. Corkscrew vials?

  10. Gosh it would have made an interesting mixture Soap and semen, Donna. No, you silly woman, I didn't mean in the soap :-) I meant maker... Soap & semen maker, maybe you were right it doesn't go together.

    I'm sorry you missed out on the classes as we all could have shared them with you on here.

    Best wishes.

  11. not gonna touch this one with a ten-foot pole (or a rubber-gloved hand)

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