Monday, March 18, 2013

Raw Milk Monday

At the risk of sounding all Spy Movie of The Week and under the radar stuff, I have to say I have lots to share but the timing is not quite right.

But when it is, it will be worth your wait. And that is a promise.


  1. What are we supposed to do; stand around and tap our fingers?

    I think I know what it is; you've had a word with O'Barmy and he's ordered everyone in the USA to drink South Pork Milk!

  2. Not even going to hint if we should celebrate or take up arms (full of raw milk)?

    Tease. Total tease.

  3. And timing is everything! btw, it pleased me no end to walk into a grocery store this past week and see raw milk on the shelf. Right next to the pasteurized, homogenized stuff. The guy behind me in line, when he saw the pint i had picked up was cheaper than the 16 oz yoo-hoo in his hand, decided to return the yoo-hoo and pick up the pint of raw milk instead.

    It might just be a tiny pebble thrown into the sea, but i'm hoping that small ripple can grow.

  4. ohhhh, the're cruel! Sure do wish I could be there for your meeting.

  5. Waiting, tapping fingers on my desk. Waiting, pacing in front of the computer.

    You are a tease. Hope it is good!!