Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day!

Our GK's are happy as reported by our daughter. No school yesterday or today and lots of white stuff to play in.

Ah youth...sure is wasted on the young. For us, snow is a different matter. Chores are tougher and take longer. Wagons of feed don't pull through the snow very easily and milk troughs must be emptied before they can be filled.

Not an easy task when you have a slew of fat pigs trying to "help" And I have the hardest job of all. I have to stand there all nice and snug in my lavender Muck Boots (maybe if they see this I'll get a free pair?) with my insulated covermosts and my warm red plaid hunters cap and take pictures! Once I even had to take my hands out of my gloves so as not to drop my equipment. I'm just that selfless.

Once again though, we are amazed at how sturdy our pigs are. These Red Wattles may have come from Texas (the state they were rediscovered in back in the 1970's) but they do well with cold weather. They also thrive on the raw milk they get daily, if we could only get them to be more polite at the trough!

Everyone thinks they have to help. Once the trough is uprighted from it's snowbed, it's every pig for themselves as they wait for the inevitable. Pure, raw, probiotic filled ice milk!

Others here enjoy the white stuff as well. Ennis the Missouri Fox Trotter did more than just trot..

And the dogs with their heavy coats? Play time all day. Must be nice.
Fannie, age 2 on left. Ashland age 4 months (!) on right


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  2. Almost Spring-like here. Looking at those pictures makes me shiver.

  3. The snow slows everything .. I love the countryside in all seasons!!
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  4. The unbridled joy of two young dogs playing in the snow!

    I want to see your lavender muck boots- jealous I am of them - mine are boring old black (at least under all the muck and mud they are).