Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Meat Pusher


Another day pushing meat.

Keith gets up at the crack of insane and takes two beef over to the Eureka locker for processing. Because we had planned on just one but ended up that we had two that were big enough , I made phone calls and sent emails seeing if folks on the March list wanted to come up to the Feb list.

Some did, some did not. So more phone calls to the locker to give names and phone numbers and amounts.

After dropping off the critters Keith picked up all the processed beef we had at the locker from the last drop off. One and 3/4 beef came to about 700 pounds and 500 packages. Each had to be labeled with their lot number and then space found in the freezer in the store...and the shop...and the basement.

While putting in the new meat, we remove any packages that look compromised. Maybe they've gotten dirty or the vacuum packing has loosened or their is obvious freezer burn. Those packages come into our kitchen and generally are perfectly good for our own meals.

Unless I leave them on the back porch in a plastic bag and it gets discovered by an inquisitive husband three days ago.

It happens.

If so, the dogs are thrilled with their good fortune. After putting away all the new meat, we retrieve the order from Naturally Yours Grocery Store and pack it up in coolers, complete the invoice while Keith loads up the two wheeled trolley and coolers in the truck and OFF I GO. At the grocery, 60 miles from our place, I help the gal who runs the frozen meat dept. transfer  all the meat from our coolers into the store.

Very happy to see all the boxes there for our product were totally empty. On the way home I run into
the grocery closer to us and buy of all things...salmon..because one can only eat so much beef.


  1. yes once in a while a change in the menu is a good thing and salmon is also good for you ... and yes LOL, things happen.

  2. I rarely eat fish (stupid me), but when I do, it's usually salmon. It really is one of the most delicious things around; I could become addicted!

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  4. We eat fish every so often, also go vegetarian for the occasional meal. I have also got meat packages out of the freezer and forgotten about them, but Lester normally sniffs them out, or the dogs!

  5. I eat lots of chicken. Do you raise and eat your own poultry. It is my first time here, I think. Yes, leaving meat out is not good. I left about 20 lbs of chicken in the trunk of the car. I just forgot to bring it in afte buying it.

  6. You almost make farming sound like lots of work! Ha! ha! Thanks for a peek into the many things that go on in a farmer's busy life.

  7. We had beef and pork in our freezer (all from our fields). Now, as an adult, I crave fish.

  8. Tombstone..we have so many varities of meat here in our freezers, ufortunatel the cook is wothout much of an imagination.

    Cro. I tolerate Salmon here but it is never as good as what I get in Ireland when visiting. I am a Salmon snob among other things.

    Vera. Save a cow. Eat a vegetarian I always say

    Practical..thanks for dropping by! We used to raise our own chicken but with the beef and the dairy and the hogs, I ran out of sharp knives...

    Susan. Work Smirk, everyday is agas here. Love it when you visit.

    Susan. I grew up on potatoes and pasta now I crave...potatoes and pasta. Lord help me.

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