Saturday, February 2, 2013

Farm for Sale ...Still

A year and a half ago when we decided we were going to step off this rapidly escalating ride of direct farm to consumer success, we were ignorant enough to think "How hard can it be?"

We signed up with a realtor who was apathetic in the beginning and totally unmotivated after one months time. "It's the economy" he told us or "Marketing is expensive you know." as if he had signed on probono.

After 6 months without  a single showing (it took him over a month to get a for sale side out front)  we told him so long and went the For Sale By Owner route. It went better. The web site I put together for our farm sale is updated HERE. We showed the farm to 12 individuals over 12 months time. Many folks had the desire to run their own organic meat business and farm, even more had the dream of being sustainable and their own boss, but none of them had the finances to go with the dream.

We understood.

But we know there is a buyer for this farm out there somewhere. Last week we shifted gears again, yes the gear box is just about stripped, we've changed directions so many times. We signed on with another realtor and thing are happening. In a few days time Cindy Eckols has our farm listed on many sites. She and her team have supplied us with signage and brochures and packets of information to have at ready when showings begin. She has touched base with me no less than 4 times in ten days, She returns my emails.

We are listening to her advice as well. We dropped our price by $12,000. We dejunking more by the day. Like the folks on HGTV always have said, buyers have to be able to see themselves in your house which they cannot do if all YOUR stuff is cluttering up the stairwell and the walls and the floors. You get the gist.

I'm giving away furniture no longer needed that makes our farm house look too small. I have four kitchen tables. Why would any sane person need four kitchen tables?. Tomorrow I'll be up on a ladder scraping the paint off a back hallway and getting it ready for a new brighter covering.

Boxes of junk are  being burned. Our dumpster is getting a workout. I'm dragging each of my kids through the house giving them items I don't think they really want but's free! I've
 even listed items on a Face Book Page yet folks don't seem to understand me when I write "FREE, CAll me to set time for pickup." Instead they text me and tell ME where to deliver it.


Bottom line. We are motivated sellers. Give us a call at 815-635-3414 or contact our realtor at 309-532-1616 if you are the motivated buyer who is ready for this really great farm. We...are ready for our next really great tiny farm!

And if you need a beautiful, free dresser... (needs minor handle repair) CALL ME. I don't do texts and we don't deliver.

Postscript: moments after posting this blog, my youngest sister said SHE wants the dresser. So there it goes folks. You snooze you loose. (If she hadn't called  I was going to ship it to Cro across the pond. Seems folks there appreciate  the 50's)


  1. I'm sure you won't mind, but I'll post your house on my FB page & see if I can get my other friends to pass the word on. Not that I have a really big following or anything....but you never know!
    Good luck and glad you found a good real estate agent.

  2. 50's furniture is all the rage in the UK; your dresser would be snapped up.

    Good luck (again).

  3. Carolyn...MIND?!? Heck no, post away and many mnay thanks.

    Cro. Something is way out of whack here in the US. Free items are not good enough, you have to wrap them deliver them and provide the new owner with a warranty.

  4. Sorry to contradict Cro, but 1950s furniture is not all the rage where I come from. I'll tell you who is buying it all up as fast as they can, though - the Chinese.

  5. Thanks Donna!!


  6. Tom, feel free to give them my number as well. Would love to see some of my furniture go Eastern.

  7. My daughter in Switzerland would love this. I love it, too. Lucky sister.

    De-junking. Ugh, but I need to do it as well. Have started little bits, but this is just a house, not a farm.

  8. We were lucky when we sold our old house as we'd moved into our new place. That ment we could "dress" it and get it looking like a show home with no clutter or the junk that I seem to collect. We sold the house in a matter of days then. Have you got a house lined up that you want to buy?

  9. bless you for your continued resolved in this process! your new realtor sounds like she's got a fire under her and great communication skills. i do hope she can get the job done for you!!!

  10. Good luck with the decluttering. I have to admit I'm a total clutter queen! I was in a house last week that had a tiled living room floor and no rug - in Ireland where it can be chilly and my aching bones need a soft rug under me when I'm down playing with the kids - way too many clean lines for my liking.
    Glad to hear your dresser is going to a good home :)

  11. I was going to give you my address in AL and the day I need the dresser delivered, but then your sister claimed