Monday, December 24, 2012

Saponification Sunday...You Scrub my Back and I'll Scrub Yours

It's easy to feel a little hopeless lately with continuing sadness in the news, but then a stranger reaches out and we are reminded that the world is generally filled with good people, decent people, generous people, people who send you FREE things!

Got an email last week from a woman who makes soap dishes and she asked if she could send me some at no charge. She read my blog and wanted me to try her product.

Smart lady. She sends me free stuff, I give her some free advertising, I then give some of it away as a hostess gift (along with some of my soap) to a family member and before you know it it' s a win-win-win situation for several people.

All because of this 3 by 3.5 inch piece of wood and a smart entrepreneur.

Made by Cindy Brockway of Pine Branch Designs, the soap dish above is just 3 by 3.5 inches and perfectly sized for my smaller felted soap bars. The wood is well sanded and looks very cute on my sink, working it's magic to keep soap well drained without taking up too much space.
In addition, her prices are very reasonable. The one above, the smallest she makes, is just $1.00 when you order 50-100 of them with further discounts for larger purchases. I've seen these sell for double that in other stores. Inside her business card was a complete price list.
So thanks again Cindy Brockway for your generosity and the petite soap dish. And for any other blog follower who thinks THEY might get some free advertising about their product in exchange for sending me a free sample I have this to say...Bring It On!

I prefer to review items related to farming, writing, and soap making but because I have such a generous soul myself I suppose I could eek out a little time to review the following if it is helpful to my fellow humans.

New cars
New Western Saddles
Ranch Style Homes, preferably with very big kitchens
Designer Clothes (those that make me look like a size 6 will get special preference)
Jody McGill Jewelry  Prefer the large stone necklaces
Aer Lingus vacation packages

For your directories:    Donna OShaughnessy 32796 E 750 N Rd  Chatsworth, Il  60921


  1. Wonderful soap dish and your felted soap looks adorable. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.

  2. Entertaining and informative! Thanks!

  3. Love it Donna! And lacking any discernible talent on my part with crafts, leatherworking and/or home building, I guess the best I can offer you is a very Merry Christmas! :-) Hope you and the family have a wonderful day.

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  5. Hi Donna, love your humor. It pops up everywhere when you least expect it!
    It makes a happy soul, thanks for the bright spot this morning! And yes, What a great little soap dish, perfect size. Thanks for showing it.

  6. Happy New Year, Donna! IF you promise to keep blogging, I wish that 2013 will finally bring the sale of your farm! May you continue to look on the humorous (as well as the humus!) side of life! And let me admit right now that my comment is not original; it's a paraphrase of a quote by E. B. White:
    "A good farmer is nothing more nor less than a handy man with a sense of humus."

  7. Here let me know if your dreams come true...I have a list myself of a few luxury items that I wouldn't mind sampling and sharing. :):)

  8. Am missing reading your posts. Hope all is well and that you are just enjoying some much needed down time.