Saturday, December 22, 2012

Puppy Love

See the little rocker.? It was Keiths when he was a child, now 50 years later
it belongs to our first grandson. Life is good.

For the entire duration of my child raising years...32.5 to be exact, I have stood strong, always saying NO to the pleas for a puppy indoors. Of  course we've had lots of puppies but they were all outside dogs, farm  dogs, livestock dog.

Until now.

Please welcome Ashland. He is 9 weeks old and 3/4 German Shepard. His other genetics are believed  to be Siberian Husky. When I brought him home 13 days ago he was perfect. Then , 24 hours later, the diarrhea hit, followed by weight loss and anorexia, followed by a visit to the vet, stool samples and testing and a diagnosis of coccidiosis, a parasitic infection of the intestinal.

Diarrhea in a non-house trained puppy. Really , what was I thinking? The good news though...he is responding well to the meds, his appetite is improving, and the floor of the bathroom where he is housed when not under constant supervision, is covered in very durable, washable tile.

So once again...welcome Ashland.

(And yes for those of you who worry, the grandkids washed their hands LOTS after touching said puppy. In fact everything in contact with the puppy has been washed many a time, especially me)


  1. Puppy! And an INDOOR puppy at that! (Sucker)
    Can't wait to see him growing up.

  2. I think you've been conned; it's a Grizzly Bear. They shit everywhere!

  3. What a beautiful cute baby! And I LOVE the name Ashland. Congrats!!!

    Oh, and the rocker is a wonderful heirloom. :-)

  4. Adorable puppy, have a wonderful Christmas.

  5. When you said, "See the little rocker?' I thought you were talking about the budding guitarist sitting in it for a minute.

  6. Carolyn. BIG sucker is more like it

    Cro, now that he is feeling better, the loose stuff has stopped and the huge piles of bear excrement have started

    1st Man. I bought the puppy on Ashland Ave. The same Ashland Ave I was raised on in Chicago. So Ashland seemed an obviously name. Despite the Gl's pleas to call him "Brownie"

    Soap ladies. To you as well!

    Tom, Well, not yet...but I do play all my Pink Floyd albums repeatedly when he visits.

  7. What a cute puppy! They have to be cute so we put up with all the stuff that goes with having them (actually can be said for the young of many species).

    Nice to see that Keith's childhood chair is used and loved by the newest generation.

  8. He is such a sweet baby!
    I had a child's cane chair in my room when I was little - it was my Mum's before me and now all of her grandkids have used it over the years (including my children when they were small enough). I love the continuity of such sharing.

    Have a wonderful festive season Donna and make lots of new special memories xxx

  9. Oh Donna, he's adorable. So glad he's feeling better. Happy Christmas, and have a great trip - it'll be raining though.. Jx

  10. Megan. I survived four human babies, this one should be OK too. If we can just get past the two am potty outside trips

    Topcat. Me too, my house is too full with others furniture, Time to pass it on to my kids and clutter up their lives

    John. "Old Bean" is Wale talk means beautiful young woman right?

    Rusty I don't mind the rain at all. It makes the Jamison go down that much better in front of the pub fire

  11. He is gorgeous - we always insist on outside dogs too!

  12. Bah! Where is your SPINE, Woman?? An INDOOR dog, you are getting wayyyy too soft!!

    This, of course, from the woman with an INDOOR Pyranees dog that guards nothing but some grass in my mother's backyard! And, one look of cuteness from her and she's got us wrapped around her little...uhh...paw?

    HUGS and Congrats and Merry Christmas! :D

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