Friday, December 14, 2012

Drinks all Around

Of course my gang of a family was recently here for our annual sibling Christmas get-together, (Dec. 9th) and of course loving my siblings as no other eldest sibling does, I spared no expense for their visit.  I purchased a couple of very fine wines. Well, as fine as you can get in the aisle of our local grocery store.

First was a lovely Petite Shirah from Boogle Vineyards of California. (the following is to be read in a sexy radio voice) Deeply inky, this wine coats the glass and lingers before the first sip has been taken. Heady aromas of boysenberries and blackberries headline the entry, while flavors of wild blueberries steal the show. Full-bodied and concentrated, seductive juniper and anise tangle with coffee and leather tones as the wine’s finish lingers on stage. Enduring and enthralling, this wine is perfectly suited for an encore.

And then to be fair I also graced the table with a charming little white wine, Danzante Pinot Grigio,
It's bouquet offers delicate floral notes followed by intense aromas of fresh citrus fruit, hints of pineapples and papaya. A crisp vein of tasty acidity adds to the fine balance of all of its components. A very leisurely finish ends on a subtle note of crisp fruit.

" A crisp vein of tasty acidity." I want THAT little diddy on my tombstone for sure. And is that dress not the best? But even with those two most perfect choices available what do you think  my lower piddle class family finished off in about ten seconds time? 

The answer, a bottle hidden in the back of my frig. for who knows how long, specifically this screw-off top atrocity:

Boone's Farm. Nectar of the Sods.


  1. Of course, not one to whine, I mean, wine, I think your posting is one to um 'Bogle' the mind :)

  2. They still make Boone's Farm?? Good lord, i remember that along with Italian Swiss Colony as absolute swill.

  3. John "cup"

    Tom. Any story of yours is a friend of mine

    Klahanie. You are definately a "boone" to all blogkind

    Megan. Even in my cheap college days I never drank Boones Farm Mad Dog 20-20 yes, but never Boones Farm

  4. When I was at school I used to drink, and offer, English Sherry. Does anything get worse than that?

  5. I don't know anything about wine, and would choose a bottle by price and how pretty the label looks. Sadly I cannot drink it though as my tummy won't let me!

  6. Cro. Yes. Boones Farm is worse

    Vera. You caught me. It was the green dress that got to me first

  7. OKAY! Now your two smallest seesters really liked the Boone Farm! I mean after one glass, I slept the best I had ever had that night in a long time. So please keep getting the wine from the back of your fridge.

  8. Maggie. You can always have anything in the back of my fridg. What are seesters for?

  9. Donna, Boone's Farm...lord I had forgotten about pink bubbly Strawberry Hill wine from Boone's really was best forgotten...I seem to remember a High School Football game, cold night, green beater station wagon, boyfriend, that bubbly wine and and .... pink snow.
    Yes, you know how the snow got pink.

    Need to forget that incident....

  10. Wine from the fridge? Aye, there's the rub! No self-respecting Frenchman (or woman) would drink cold wine! We lived in France for 11 years, and now it costs us living here in the US. Back when the dollar was strong in Europe, we could get an excellent bottle for a few dollars and one worthy of gifting for $10 (like a Chateau-Neuf de Pape). Now in the US, we can't find a drinkable wine for $10. :( I guess that makes us wine snobs, but we do miss our French wine!