Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Stepping In It" Foot print Contest

Pre-rain Sunset at South Pork Ranch
Chatsworth, Illinois.

First things first...It's going to RAIN!!!  Any second now. The skies are black, the wind is blowing the temp just plummeted, the thunder is rolling and the radar says "warning." Either that or the world is going to end. Whichever, life as we know it will be much better  in the morning.

And now the winner of our most recent contest, ( see my last post) is...MARTHA of Thistle Rose Weaving !! She guessed the critter (pig) the sex (female) and the weight (450). We are not exactly sure about the weight but it would be our guess too.

The prize for Most Original answer given in the timeliest manner is....Tom Stephenson  for his Mickey Mouse Face Down comment. Yeah, I know there was no mention of a "most original" or "timeliest" answer being considered but that's the beauty of writing a blog. You can make up all the rules you want, at least for now. If the goof chumps in New York can limit the amount of pop you drink it won't be long before they limit the number of prizes a private blogger can award her followers.

Honorable mention goes to our GK Wesley who was playing in the sandbox when the big fat pig sauntered past him. He ran into the house to tattle on that sow and later told us "When I saw her Yaya I was freaking out in my head!!"

So Martha and Tom please email me at and let me know your address and your choice of prize, If you recall you can have 2 bars of Artisan Soap. 2 Bars of Your Average Soap made by your Average Midlife Farmwife. a South Pork Ranch T-shirt or a $25 gift certificate to our farm store.

Yes, Tom I will mail items to you even though you live in some 4th world nation.

Yes Martha, if you choose the gift certificate and come to our store, I promise to actually  be here!


  1. Congratulations to the winners.

  2. OOOH! I'm so excited! Could I please have a T-shirt? That way I can advertise your farm to thousands of people who live so far away that they will never be able to visit it. Thanks, and I'll try to email you the details, but I am having problems sending any this weekend, so if there is a delay it is because of that.

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  4. Sorry, I was so excited that I missed the bit where you told us what the animal was.

  5. Wow, I am a happy girl! Think I will choose the gift certificate so that we can finally meet in person! No need to mail it.

    By the way, do you have a publisher for your book yet? We are all waiting to hear details.

    thank you!

  6. now that's a cool contest! wouldn't have guessed pig! :)

    congrats to your winners!

    and hooray for rain! at least i hope you get some!