Friday, June 8, 2012

Book Worms Unite!

Too excited to write much.

Leaving in a few hours for the Printers Row Literary Fest in Chicago!!!
There will be authors, publishers, agents, writers, book sellers, artists and of course a Farmers Market.

Farmers Markets are so hip.

I am most excited about the workshop I am attending featuring Gillian Flynn, a favorite writer of mine. When we meet, because I am bound and determined we will, I will tell her how much I loved her book Sharp Objects. I will also tell her that I never cared for mysteries until I read that novel. Then I will tell her how I had to read her other books. I will go on to tell her how I admire her pluck and perseverance (How can you not have pluck and perseverance when you are trying to break into the world of Best Break Out Novels?)

One thing I will NOT be telling her...I bought her book for 50 cents at the Etc. Resale Shop in Pontiac.

The weird thing was, I could not put her book down, not even long enough to read the back cover. When I finally did get around to the back page, and read Stephen Kings review I thought well HEY! This author means something to another of my favorite authors, so I googled her and found out HEY! She's from Chicago just like me (and 10 gazillion other people) and then I saw this Literary Fest thing and HEY! My sister Teresa in all her goodness agreed to watch the GK's while my daughter who is working agreed to take the GKS all the way out of her way to Eureka and THAT

is why there is no way my work is ready yet for publication. Did you read that last paragraph?!?!


  1. lol..too bad you couldn't work up a bit of excitement over meeting her.

  2. Oh, man, is my timing ever off! I just sent you a begging email for 10 more soaps -- I will uncross my fingers and wait for you to get back. Have fun...and, yeah, it would be nice if you could generate a little more enthusiasm about your trip.