Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saponification Sunday; Saved by Hot Process

Hot Process Soap Colored with Madder Root Powder

So far behind in all things soap. Planning for lots of visitors this weekend kept me away from usual farm stuff. Earlier this week realized I was very low on my supply (Thank you Farm Store and email customers!) and had our Open Farm Day coming up so pulled out the crock pots and starting whipping up some Hot Process Bars. Had a ball making a Zebra bar with black charcoal and scented with Anise EO.

No. There are no pics. My new Nikon is still at the repair store. They said 2-3 weeks. It has been 10 days. Makes me crazy, had no idea how dependent on was on pointing and shooting until the device was ripped from my neck.

I love it when people "distress" their wood projects. Our whole farm is distressed.

After the Zebra thingy, I made HP Patchouli, Calendula and a Lavender of course. Had friend Zan who was staying with us the last couple nights, help me label it all. Made 47 bars in all and sold 40 of them. Zan trying to talk me into the ETSY deal but I'm not ready for that. How about you other soap makers. Do you do ETSY? Has it been a good experience? Would love your input.

Hot Process Bar colored with Alkanet
powder and scented with Lavender EO

Also way way behind on Amy Wardens soap challenge. Made it the first 3 weeks , now two weeks behind or is it three? But the way I figure it all I have to do to catch up is make a frosted beer bar scented with a custom blend of Guinness and Pineapple EO's with a salt block chaser and I'll be in grand shape with the rest of the group!

Oh, special thanks to the group of 5 from Green Grocer who made the two hour trek south from Chicago to see our farm today. Cassie Green and her husband Gary, the owners are so amazing. Not only do they look for good food for a good value to stock their wonderful neighborhood grocery, they take the time and effort to get to know their farmers. Before Cassie would even consider stocking our meat in store freezer she wanted to know how our animals were fed, raised and butchered. Most groceries just want to know how much our meat is going to cost them.

It was great fun showing them the farm, the piglets, the peacock,the donkey, the dog. And even though the day was cool and windy they seemed to have a good time too. Of course no pics to show you, but really they were here!

Until I get my Nikon back, here are some old HP soaps I made awhile back.
Enjoy. Now, here is to a slower week. Please and thank you.


  1. Guinness, Patchouli, and Lavender; Sounds like heaven to me.

  2. Sure do wish you guys lived closer! Would love to take Madaghan to see a real working farm.

    DO you have any plans for another Open Farm? Perhaps me and my girls can make the next one.

  3. Hope you get your camera back soon...I know how lost I would feel without mine.

  4. You new soaps sound delicious! It sounds like you had a very busy weekend. Glad your farm day went well.

  5. Beautiful HP soaps, Donna! I especially love the one made with the Madder Root powder.

  6. I had to laugh -- when I saw the picture I thought it was some kind of French pate!:-) Now that I know it's soap, it's much more appealing!!

    Hope you get that camera back soon!

  7. Yes, here's to more Open Farm Days and FIVE dollar SOAP! ;)

  8. Donna! I long to buy some of your soap but can't find a link on your blog for purchasing it. Am I looking right past it (very likely)??? Your gorgeous soaps are works of art and I swear that I can smell their fragrance right through the computer screen. Now that's good soap!

  9. I love the first soap...
    do you know why?
    I absolutely adore SPAM!

  10. Donna, Your soaps look great,love how pink your madder root turned out. (Mine always ended up tan -blech!)
    Alkanet is always friendly though, isn't it?

  11. Hi, Donna! Deborah says I need to meet you. I live a few miles away from her and just might have one of your peahens. I bought her through Ginger a couple of years ago after coyotes got our only hen. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then I've got my farms confused :) I love what you're doing with soap! I make soap with our goat milk, but have gotten nowhere near that creative. I met Zan on Monday and she and Deborah were telling me about it and that I need to meet you. One day soon, I hope. We have only 1.65 acres, but have a lot crammed onto it. Lots of chores - just in a smaller area. Plus 5/8 of my children are still home and a few are still little. It would be a good field trip, though!

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