Thursday, April 26, 2012

MOSA blues

How does that saying go ? Oh yeah, The faster I go, the bigger my behind gets. Or so it seemed today. Too much sitting time. Woke with best intentions of completing all the MOSA (Midwest Organic Services Association) paperwork for our annual re-certification. (It's due May 1st) Guess how much I got done ?

Not so much, as in NADA. I kept saying to myself "As soon as you get all the sales receipts entered into Quicken, I'll start" or "As soon as I print off all the invoices for the last 5 hogs we sold, I'll start" or " as soon as see who that is in our store, I'll start." Or my personal favorite, "As soon as I cook up those T-bones that partially thawed last week, but I refroze so I better thaw and eat them to make sure they are still good, and THEN I'll start."

The good news...the T-bones were excellent. The bad news...MOSA application forms still sitting in my email IN box. This afternoon I was sure I'd get to it but I really wanted to get outside. I had been at my desk all morning after all. Except for the few moments I helped Keith load up 5 Red Wattles to take to the vet.

They weren't sick but two have been sold to a couple in Missouri coming this weekend and one has been sold to a fellow in Michigan , also coming soon, and two more are going to the Garfield Farms Endangered Animal show May 20th, thus all of them needed health papers and /or blood tests to ensure they were free of brucellosis and pseudorabies (a terrible disease where you just think you are afraid of water.)

Finally, I found my way outside and planted some beans in the main garden and some really cool moon flower seeds, in my secret garden which is really taking great shape. That's when Keith saw me in the garden and came over to add the 4th wall. This would make lots more sense if I took pics but my camera is STILL in the repair store, sigh.

Moon flowers. Bloom at night, full of light

What did Keith do all day ? Twiddled his thumbs pretty much, as soon as he was done with 8 hours of outside chores he fiddled around putting away a semi load of hay and then hauled the pigs over to the vets. Oh OK, he also mowed and took care of more store customers. But other than that...

Then, around 5 when we imagined we were going to take a break, and this guy comes by to look at the farm. Sorta interested but not really. It's a story for another blog which I will title "People who want to buy our farm but have no intention of actually working as a farmer."

At 7, I called it quits...and started making soap. All in all, a pretty quiet day.


  1. Sooo... what soap did you make? I wish there was a vaccine against procrastination. The person who discovers one will make a fortune! If anyone can get around to getting it.... ;)

  2. A disease where you THINK you are afraid of water? Well, I can see that being fatal.

  3. Yep, you two are lazy that is for sure....NOT! Interested in hearing about the guy who wants to buy your farm story, sounds as if it might be interesting. The moon flowers are beautiful they look to be very big flowers, do they grow on a vine?

  4. Thank God for procrastination, say I. Otherwise I might have to do something most of the time...

  5. Moon flowers! Haven't seen those since I moved to CA! I know that if you get the pollen or nectar in your eyes, man! there will be pain!

    I have been enjoying your posts! Just haven't been commenting on everything.

  6. A cousin of mine (after studying Agriculture at Uni) used to go round farms helping people to fill-in official forms. MaƱana, backs of envelopes, torpor, procrastination, death, madness, laziness, illiteracy; he encountered everything.

    Not sure if T bone steaks were ever given as an excuse!

  7. sounds like you needed the relaxation of making soap after the viewer had gone. I used to find timewaster viewers stressful enough when selling a house but can't imagine how irriating it must be with a farm