Monday, September 13, 2010

Thanks a Million !

In Ireland they say "Thanks a million" for small deeds done. Not just "Thank you" but "Thanks a MILLION" Thats the Irish for you, always on the dramatic side. Influence of Yeats etc... Lately though, "Thanks a Million" has been ringing in my head loud and clear. So many kindnesses lately from so many people.

First and foremeost our own kids who keep doing so much to help us stay on top of all the farm activites. Working hours upon hours to finish our farm store for its not -all -that -grand- opening in October. Thanks a million !

Then, there was neighbor JD who took the time to write the best little card I have gotten in a very long time. Telling me how she enjoyed my blog and how she wished Keith and I best of luck regarding my leaving nursing and turning to farming full time. Thanks a million J !!

Then an old HS friend of Keiths took the time to come visit with his wife. A long drive for them to reach out to an old friend to reconnect and say hello. To share old memories and hopefully create some new ones. Thanks a million BG !

And yesterday a third cousin of mine (or was it fourth ? twelth ? ) made the trip from Tinley Park with his wife. He had contacted me awhile ago about the geneology of our family. He wanted to share data and stories we both had  collected. What he had amassed over the years was amazing but the most heart tugging pieces of papers were produced when he showed me my grandmother Josephine O'Shaughnessy's original book of poetry, all written by her in the late 50's and early 1960's. The one she used to read to me when I was 6. I was shocked when I saw it and then tearful. I thought it had been lost forever. Soon my 8th cousin removed 6 times will be sending me a copy of this book. THANKS A MILLION RC !!!

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