Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Preschool at Yaya's

I love Mondays and Tuesdays best. Those are grandchildren days. Three year old Wesley is with me all day and we do the usual grandma stuff like bake cookies, take long walks, read stories and deliver dead pigs to chefs.

Today Wes and I took 1/2 of a Red Wattle hog to Manny at Desthil Restaurant in Normal, Illinois. 
http://www.destihl.com/  Manny is one of the 10 expert chefs who will be preparing food for the Harvest Feast at Spence Farms in Fairbury this Sunday. http://www.spencefarmfoundation.org/ Where is the other 1/2 of that pig you astute people might ask ? Well, it went to Jared VanCamp at Old Town Social in Chicago. He is another of the fine chefs preparing great dishes for the Feast. We can't wait to see all the different dishes these guys are going to present to  a very large rural crowd in just a few days.

Back to Manny. A gentleman with a big smile who took a few seconds out of his busy day to greet  a three year old AND THEN took even more time to show him the really COOL walk- in refrigerator. Our killed and chiiled hog just laid there pretending not to be impressed, but we were.

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