Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hog Wash...and rinse and repeat.

Hey, it just dawned on me. I'm a legal adult , its very hot inside and out (we don't have AC) and there is a cold Java Stout Beer in the frig. I'll be right back. Talk amongst yourselves....And I'm back, cold beer next to the keyboard. Now what was I going to talk about ?

Pigs. When I tell Keith I am going out to water the pigs it is not what you think it is. Yes, I do fill the water pans but I am a holistic farmer, I treat more than just the pigs thirst. I stand tall (with lisp) the running hose in my hand and call the pigs forth. They will run up when they see me, coated with dried caked mud from our last encounter.

Pigs do not sweat. So if you hear someone saying "I'm sweating like a pig"  you should inform them, politely of course, that they are speaking hogwash as pigs have no sweat glands. They tolerate heat poorly and need water or mud to help them thermoregulate. Poor critters can't even pant like dogs. To help them out in the recent heat wave, we flood the area by the water pans and then for fun we take it a step further and hose them down.

They LOVE it ! They will stand there as long as I do, water dripping down their chinny chin chins. They will shake their ears, turn full circle so I can cool off both the shoulder roasts  and the hams and then flop down and roll around covering themselves with mud.

The mud protects their skin from the sun and the parasites. It also allows them to run into town and rob the bank as it covers up all their identifying marks. Easier (and cooler) than finding a black knit cap or heaven forbid some queen size pantyhose big enough to cover their faces.

Our little piglets (10 wks old) love the water just as much as the mamas and papas do. (Monday, Monday)

 They dig in the bottom of their water hole like Jacques Cousteau giving a whole new meaning to mud facials.
The sign ?

Can't remember where I got it. Probably one of those Thelma and Louise road trips I took with my friend Jay. I do know it makes me smile whenever I run across it. The juxtaposition between city and country I suppose. A great summary of my current life.


  1. My but those pigs look fine. Good mud too. Mix well. :)

  2. LOL!! I bet you are hoot to work with on those weekend night mini vacations too!!!!