Sunday, July 25, 2010

The aliens have landed

So I'm walking in the yard with the grandkids minding my own very busy-ness and we run into this !

I thrust my arm across the kids, I am sure saving their lives because this creature looks like it just crawled out of a bad actors chest wall. This space oddity was almost 3 inches long and 1.2 inch thick with its "face" all smashed in and level with the rest of its body similar to Kenny in the hood from South Park. I'm not sure about its visual abilities, it refused to give me eye contact. When we touched it (Allana was DYING too, Wesley and I watched from inside a Haz Mat Suit), the beastly creepy crawler did this...

Yeah. Real impressive. It obviously has some gymnastic training in its past. Who doesn't ? After that it just stayed there in that position playing possum with us. So who knows what this is ? Some sort of genetically modified caterpillar that will evole into what ? A helicopter ? The limb it is clinging to is one of our grape vines and I should warn you, it was not traveling alone. Another clone just like it was on another part of the grape vine a few inces away. It too would not talk even after we waterboarded it a wee bit with the hose.

So send me your thoughts you garden scientists.


  1. im guessing Eacles imperialis (Imperial moth larva)


  2. We found one of those around here a couple of years ago. My unscientific-homeschooling-research-best-guess was that it was a caterpillar that would turn into a moth. We were going to turn the poor little guy into a science experiment but I don't think he lasted through 5 kiddos to see what he turned into:) Very interesting critters!

  3. I vote for Zargonian storm trooper.. Keep it under close observation. Check the Hazmat suit for any tears.. : )

  4. Hey,

    I see that this is like a farm of some sort.
    It is nice, some thing aside of water everyday with some greenary to look forward to.

    Wish to know more about the farm.

  5. I found it! It is a Pandora Spinx Moth larva. I have never seen one before. google it to see the adult. Even stranger? Donna's sidekick