Monday, February 15, 2010

When I grow up I want to be...

a minimalist. A person with few things. A monk maybe. Someone with a whole lot less JUNK ! The above pic was taken last night after clearing our kitchen as we prepared for a "facelift." We cannot at this point in our lives afford a total remodel but we are able to do some of the improvements I've been waiting for a long time.We have hired a friend of ours to paint cabinets (which are around 70 years old and very solid), refinish the original hardwood floor (hidden under carpet, vinyl and a subfloor of plywood, not necesarily  in that order), attach a new backsplash, install a new window, add several new outlets and hang some lights. I will remove all the old ivy wallpaper (how 80's!) and paint the walls.

But back to that pile of kitchen crap. There was a time in my life, specifically The Sturgis Motel in Sturgis S.D.circa 1978, where all I owned cookware wise, was an electric skillet. I was master chef with that skillet. I could make eggs and bacon for breakfast, noodles for lunch and popcorn for summer. I could fry potatoes, simmer a good stew and pan sear steak. I could whip up a delicious creme brulee, OK thats going too far, but the point is...I only needed ONE pan to cook in. After all, I was just one person, in one small room, in a one horse, two cowboy town.

Over the last few decades I have acquired some ridiculous cookware. Take for example the WAFFLE STICK MAKER. Where did that come from ? A gag gift ? A wedding gift ? Mothers Day ? (Because you know we all love getting appliances on Mothers Day) And then there is the set of silicone bakeware I bought from Chef  Tony Bolony . It seemed so cool at first how you put something all rubbery in a 500 degree oven and not have it melt. But the dang stuff sucked up whatever you baked in it and was impossible to clean. I kept it because it cost too much and I couldn't admit what a huge mistake it was to buy. Next we have the spritz cookie maker. Do I look like a spritz cookie eater ?! Enough said.

Tomorrow, about 75% of the stuff on that table is gone, finito, Bye Bye Miss American Pie Crust Shield. My life as a simpler person with far less stuff begins today. Of course by tomorrow evening Keith will have removed all that junk from the dumpster and "hidden" it in the loft above the machine shed, but that is a whole 'nother blog.

P.S. I am still working on the gift prize for whomever guesses Little Debbies' litter size and delivery date. Stay tuned

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  1. "Bye bye Miss American Pie Crust Shield" THAT is a classic! And no, I did NOT buy you the waffle stick maker. :)