Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello Mr President

Its not often a simple farm in Central Illinois is graced by a visit from The President but yesterday was our lucky day. Brian Jordan, President of the  Red Wattle Hog Association or RWHA  as well as the associations secretary, Dot Jordan, came to visit us. Dot just also happens to be Brians' wife and farm partner so we had no worries about whom to sit then next to whom at our presidential luncheon. Of course I understand all of this is a little unbelievable since I failed to take a picture of the two of them while they were in our presence. You'll just have to take my word for it until the article Dot is writing about us is published in the RWHA  newsletter.
    Dot was specifically asking us questions about how we have been marketing our hogs to the Chicago area restaurants. We had a great time sharing information back and forth. Dot and Brian have been raising the Red Wattles longer than us and had many helpful tips about animal management. They also brought us five more BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY feeder pigs to raise as our restaurants are asking for the meat as fast (faster) than we can grow it. While here, they checked up on the breeder family they sold us a couple months ago, Mad Max, Cagney and Lacey. We all agreed Mad Max is growing fast and is going to be one big boar. Yawwnn

Be sure to check out Dot and Brians farm at .

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  1. MUCH more exciting than a visit from that "other" president.