Monday, November 2, 2009

Me and my shadow

November 2, 2009

Every Monday and Tuesday we care for our wee grandson Wesley age 2. His two sisters are in school all day now so its just him and us, us and him. As soon as I return from picking him up in Pontiac, we'll all head to the barn to finish morning chores. Keith has done all the milking but he leaves calf and pig feeding for Wes and I. You can see though, by this pic, who Wes really prefers. Oh, I'm ok if he is hungry or his diaper is wet or he needs a juice refill in his sippy cup but bottom line ...he is papa's boy.

Today in addition to the usual routine, Wes was introduced to our new Red Wattler feeder pigs. We brought home 6 last week when we visited Whispering Willows Farm owned by Clyde Grover in Rockford, Illinois. These piglets were very young and quite shy when we brought them home. Less than a week later they have become ravenous eaters and happy explorers. The calf hutch we are using "for now" has kept them warm but they needed more room to run. So Keith and Wesley wired together a few leftover wire panels "for now" to give the little guys a real pig pen.Wes took a liking to them immediately and was happy to play with them in the pen. So happy we had a hard time convincing him he would not be able to live with the piglets full time. He grabbed tight to the walls of the pen and clearly said "NO" when we suggested he come with the other humans

So I resorted to the time proven parenting trick of bribery. Promising him some water play time in the milk house convinced him to unchain himself from the pigpen playpen.

(So Raven, now you know why Wes's bath water is that odd shade of gray after hanging out on the farm )

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