Sunday, November 1, 2009

Leave me the blog alone !

November 1 2009

It seems I have let my public down, all 10 of them. This includes my 7 regular blog followers and 3 of my "friends" at work. These folks have noticed I have not been blogging up to their standards lately or to mine as a matter of fact. It is true that life has once again gotten in the way of writing about life. So ignore my post title, I'm really not at all hostile about being reminded that I have some catching up to do. In fact the little Kim Bassinger voice in me is screaming "They like me ! They really really like me !"

The picture above is just one of many reasons my blog is behind. I recently purchased my first laptop in order to participate in NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month which is RIGHT NOW ! It started today Nov. 1. Again the numbers to remember are 50,000 words in 30 days. I splurged on the laptop convincing myself that if I can take it to a quiet space to write instead of attempting my novel at our household PC (5 feet from the snoring bulldog, directly behind my husbands office desk, between two scenic windows where at any time a crazed peacock could thrust his body and outstretched wings against the glass trying to escape our playful corgi mix puppy.)

The laptop arrived 4 days ago and I spent the first 48 hrs trying to find time to get it out of the box. Its been downhill ever since. The new pigs we picked up in Rockford (a blog about that tomorrow I promise), the first delivery of meat for retail sale at Green Grocer in Chicago (Tuesdays upcoming blog) the old horse we picked up in Eureka (Wednsdays planned blog) have also slowed me down a tad. And oh yeah, having to work a thirteen hour night shift last night because some baffoon thought we had the power to "save daylight". Come a little closer buddy. I'll give you something to save.

But, today after 4 life changing hours of sleep, a trip to Eureka to see a gal about a horse, and an hour chasing loose baby pigs, I fired up the laptop and....wrote.....a bunch of words. A few are spelled correctly and some were even in sentence form. My goal was to write 1666 words tonight. I have hit 750, but do not worry mon ami, the moon is full and the night, it is young.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that you can count me as your 8th regular blog follower. Your happen to be one of two blogs i've read/looked for every time I get online for the last 6're bookmarked. While not at all a midlife-farmwife myself (read; 23 yr old, single, flooring contractor), I do enjoy the daily antics of your little farming operation and really do look forward to your posts. Hope you can find the time to keep it up, and good luck on your novel adventure. Hah! that was a pun of sorts.
    Justin, Florence,OR

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