Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

November 18, 2009

Nope. Not talking about the horses. Haven't ridden in over a week. Haven't blogged in a week, or facebooked in a week. Haven't worked as a nurse. Have not cooked or cleaned or done laundry. Have not babysat my grandchildren. (THAT was the hardest) but I have been writing. And writing and writing and writing. I wrote when I got up and before lunch and after lunch. I wrote before supper and after supper. I wrote before bed. I wrote instead of going to bed some nights.

I took my Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) goals to heart and with my husbands full support, (yes, I am aware I do not deserve him and when I forget that my 91 year old Aunt Bernie is the first to remind me, yet somehow she cannot remember her neighbor of one years name ?!) I dropped out of our very busy farm life for a week to get a good grasp on my novel. In that short amount of time I did what I had hoped to do. I started a routine and selfishly prioritized something I have yearned to do for decades. Write a book.

Now, as of this morning, after writing for an hour, I took back the farm reins from my capable, gracious and patient husband who is not a saint in real life but does play one on RFD TV. I feel confident that I can maintain my new writing habit and make it part of the rest of my busy life. Like any new habit, you just have to repeat it over and over to get it to stick. I have reached the halfway mark of my 50,000 word goal by the end of November. I cannot wait to start writing everyday and I have banished the guilt I once connected with time devoted to writing to the dark dank basement it belongs in. Guilt is a worthless emotion if it has no action for improvement connected to it. Its no different than saying "I'm sorry" to someone you love while repeating the same action that caused you to say you were sorry in the first place.

So, I am back in the blogging saddle again, back in the farmwife and housewife bridle (No, I do not have hidden restraint fantasies you weirdos) and full of faith and hope for this story I am telling. I am also filled with extreme gratitude for my mate and the God who sent him my way. Keith is far more content with his life and never seems to feel the need to shake things up the way I do and I would say he does enjoy watching me disrupt things at times but even his patience has a limit. Where that limit is I do not yet know but no need to push it really. Instead, today will be payback time. I have some serious cooking to do and animal husbandry to share and pigs to castrate, and , and.

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