Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Purple Haze

September 23, 2009

A long time ago in a land far away (Cullom Ave, Chicago) one of the Ruet boys used to work in a plastics factory. Sometimes when one of the machines would act up, strange and wonderful shapes were produced. These piles of molten, misshapen plastic with their bright 1960's flower child colors, would perch on the Ruet boys dressers as the pieces of psychedelic art they were. They obviously made an impression on my 8 year old brain because today, when I found this object, I knew it would be one far out picture. Can you guess what this is ? The first correct guess will receive an 8 x10 glossy photo suitable for framing and placement under that old black light you know you still have in your basement.


  1. I do believe it is a picture from the top of one the vases from the wedding looking down through it.

  2. YOU WIN !! Funny thing Tab, I had already ordered an extra print for you because #1 you see things through an artists eye and #2 you like purple. The wax had melted down into the bottom of the vase and over and around the glass balls. I had to put the whole thing in the freezer to chip it out. I'll deliver your prize soon and thanks for playing.

  3. You could have just put the whole thing in a hot pot of water and let the wax re-melt then poured it out,too. I'm so excited..I like winning things!