Friday, September 4, 2009

Cows on Parade

September 4, 2009

Cows have an internal clock to be admired. They know when it is milking time, well at least their udders know. Here are our girls heading toward the barn about 6 AM Central Time. It was cool and misty this am and my feet were soaked after I took this picture, another reminder of the super amount of moisture we've had this summer. Our pastures have benefitted greatly and the cows are well conditioned, healthy and producing well on their 100% grass fed diet. We had many doubts when other dairy farmers questioned our choice. We fed so much grain for so long we had visions of our herd shriveling up before our eyes. They have not. In fact, they are thriving.

I was impressed with their calmness as they meandered towards the barn this am. Like Alfred E. Newman they seemed to be saying "What ? Me worry ?" Unaware of all the changes their farmer caretakers were experiencing, unafraid of the future , they had the ability to enjoy the RIGHT NOW of fresh grass, fresh water, room to run and a farmer who cared about them.

Our future farm plans are still up in the air. We've had two strikes now in regards to a market for our organic milk. The first strike being the loss of a potential buyer in Indiana after 5 months of talks and the second being the inability of utilizing a nearby dairy's bottling plant to bottle our milk. The owner of the bottling plant was wonderful to talk to, honest about his needs to secure his own new business before taking a risk with ours. Disappointed in his answer, we were grateful for his honesty and forthrightness. So back home we went for more introspection and idea gathering.

This morning after chores we held an emergency corporate meeting for all the head honchos of Green Acres Farm (that would be Keith and me.) We drank two pots of coffee, developed another plan, made more phone calls, sent more emails, did more research. We know God has a plan for this farm. One day he'll show it to us. In the meantime we'll do all we can to help ourselves and try to enjoy the journey with as much peace and confidence in our Caregiver as our cows enjoy the same type of peace and confidence in us.

"Have I not commanded you ? Be strong and of good courage. Do not be afraid, nor be dismayed. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go" Joshua 1:9

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  1. Here, here! Good encouragement. Like they say, "you can't go wrong with good material." we're praying for you guys!