Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dog with a bone, I mean tea

September 3, 2009

My husband Keith left a bottle of tea on the ground the other day fully intending to return to it. While gone, our new puppy Freddy, found the tea. He knocked the bottle over and tasted the tea. He liked the tea. He licked the tea out of the bottle. Over and over again. Can you imagine having nothing to do all day but get the tea out of the bottle? No calls to return, no calves to feed, no laundry, no bills, no blog, no family to visit, no shopping, no dishes, no chickens to feed, no meals to cook,no diapers, no gardening, no mowing,no toilet scrubbing, no wedding planning, no scrubbing of horse water tank, no garage sale preparation, no discussing bottling milk vs selling it direct vs making soap out it to supply all the hostels in Ireland. None of that. Just tea. Sweet tea at that !

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