Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years NON Resolutions

There is such a relief with getting older, it's like if it hasn't happened by now it probably won't or if it does I'll just enjoy it because planning... pen and paper planning is such a crap shoot isn't it?

Oh sure I'll still plan my UIUC classes (Russian dance beckons to me) and I'll do some farm planning, that stuff won't just take care of itself and obviously I'll plan to pick up the GK's and care for them when needed...I'll still plan my funeral because that's just pure fun: the music (lots of Pink Floyd please) the food, the DRINK, the guest list, (you think I would let just anyone come?) the games...but once again I regress.

Anyway, back to resolutions. There will be only anti-resolutions in 2015 as in;

     I resolve not to talk about my weight. Who cares? The GK's like my warmth factor. And being
          round keeps this mutton from dressing like lamb.
     I resolve not to get organized. I am just going to back the truck up to a house window
         and shovel in the junk. I don't care what order it goes into the dumpster.
     I resolve not to cook better meals. We have good food here on the farm. Milk, meat and veg.
         As long as I cook it and never ever go grocery shopping again, we'll be eating better meals.
     I resolve not to dress better. I learned in college last year that as long as your arse is covered
         (and even that is optional) no one cares what grandma is wearing to school. Bring on the
         orthopedic shoes, plastic rain caps and cuddle duds.
     I resolve not to exercise more. If the pigs are farther out in the field I will walk farther. If the GK
         is about to fall out of a tree I'll jog over, if a ladder is falling I might even duck, if my car won't
         start I will meander to the trunk for jumping cables but none of  those exertions will be planned.

So that about covers my non-resolutions. What are you NOT resolving to do in 2015?


  1. LOVE it!
    I'll have to work on my Non-Resolutions. I'm a little usual.

    1. That's the thing about NON resolutions...there is no timeframe.

  2. Mine are pretty much like yours, and should be fulfilled until at least Saturday afternoon.

    May I add that I shall NOT be keeping a handgun in my bag.

  3. Thank you! I love this GK like me just the way I am....and since they are sweet perfection who am I to argue LOL

    I'm so glad I found your post on GirlGab!

    1. Hey Starletta, so glad you found me too! Which reminds me I need to snoop around GirlGab for more blogs to read. Certainly heading over to check yours out right now.

  4. Ooo, anti-resolutions; what a great idea! It's like training a cat: don't sit up, don't beg, don't fetch. They are perfectly trained every time.