Friday, May 30, 2014

Udderly Clean



As threatened, I am posting every day for 30 days as part of my all star Blogiversary Celebration!
Today we go underneath it all.

Public health as well as other government officials who believe it is their job to tell you what to eat and drink, insist the cows udder is a dirty filthy mass of teaming bacteria, a cesspool of death. This all milk must be pasteurized to remove the massive debri. The girls and I beg to differ.

A cows udder is not naturally dirty unless they are kept in a dirty and/or crowded environment. As long as they have clean stalls to rest in, (if they choose to go in the barn) and green pastures to roam in and allowed to exhibit their natural behavior...grazing...the bovine udder is a thing of great beauty.


To prove this I walked out the other day into the pasture of the moment and without giving the Raw Milk Herd of South Pork Ranch any warning at all, (no phone calls to tip them off, no warning letters to clean up their act, no hidden basins of warm soapy water for a quick dip) I just started taking pictures. As you can see, their udders passed the test.


  1. not udderly surprised in the least.

  2. OMG, not only are you posting pictures of "unclean" (according to the IL dept of health) but you're posting pictures of boving PORN! Off to jail with you!

  3. Good grief! Those udders are looking way better than mine! Mine are getting closer to the ground every year and doubt they'd pass any inspection. *sigh*