Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pretty Boy Floyds AKA The Peacocks


 They are flashy and self centered.
Arrogant and self-promoting.
Competitive and well, a bit promiscuous.

They are...The South Pork Ranch Peacocks.

Please note I do not include the females of this species. Those sweet gentile creatures spend their days basically just looking dazed and confused, searching out fresh garter snakes and mice  to swallow and debating over whether or not they need to tend to their young for two whole days in a row.

When it comes to mothering abilities it's a wonder any of them make it to adulthood. Which might explain why we started with 4 peafowl over 10 years ago and now are only up to 12 as compared to our single breeding hog we started with about the same time and since then hundreds of piglets have made it to the bacon factory.

But still, even with their uppity ways, we do enjoy the male birds especially this time of year when they go all out for the Senior Prom.

Our colored peacocks are amazing with their deep blues, greens and purples even though they will raise their flag to anything with a feather be it another peafowl, a duck, a chicken or myself walking around with a handful of feathers.

Obviously they would date anything with a beak...or lips. Vegas Girls I like to call them, behind their backs of course as these guys have no sense of humor whatsoever.

Our white peacocks "evolved" out of the original 4 colored peafowl Keith brought home as a barter for something.  Was this lack of color a genetic pass faux pas? Or perhaps one of them really did manage to seduce one of our Muscovy ducks. Either way I have to say I prefer the white peacocks.

They are just so darn...what is the word I am looking for? Oh yeah, white. They are so darn white. In the early evening,  sort of as the sun is almost down but not quite, just as dusk hints about its arrival those white screechers (and boy do peacocks SCREEECH) will fly just about one foot above the ground. Very spector like, swooping across the grass, tails floating on the breeze behind them.


Only Liberace put on a better show than these lace covered fellows. Of course as soon as you get anywhere near them they show you their better half and if they sense you are too close and might actually TOUCH then they will drop tail and flee.


In full Hollywood Style.


  1. The only white peacocks I've seen were at Kew Gardens in London. Our own coloured birds used to sleep high up in the trees. We once let our house to some summer holidaymakers, and they left almost at once saying that the peacocks had pooped on the terrace; you can't please 'em all.

  2. White peacocks! How beautiful...

  3. He is truly beautiful. An albino? What colour eyes does he have? They look quite dark from the pics so maybe not.
    But you're right, no sense of humour.

  4. They are lovely but the noise they make is not. I think I am satisfied with admiring your boys from afar. Wonderful photos!

  5. Jeez. I forgot how much I miss Liberace!

  6. I love your white peacocks! The first time I saw one in your yard it was nearly dusk on a misty day. It stood so still I thought it was a statue at first!