Saturday, February 22, 2014

South Pork Ice Capades

No, not the lake, but rather just our driveway. After weeks of cold and snow and ice we had a THUNDERSTORM the other night. This resulted in icy rain and some melting then refreezing. Which resulted in a few more falls on the ice. No injuries for us. I'm fat and bounce, Keith is very healthy so he doesn't break, but our neighbors had an older horse fall and break a leg which meant an earlier than expected demise for the creature.

The stalactite development from our roof top made walking around outside that more exhilarating. Would we make it inside before an unfortunate beheading or not?  At one point the longest ice shard was nearly five foot!

But as dangerous as they were they did bring some real beauty into our bedroom window each morning. All in all happy to see them gone with warm breezes yesterday. Of course next week another cold snap coming our way, and then MAYBE a steady warm-up.


  1. Can't you transfer The Poor Farm to Hawaii?

  2. Hmmmm. yes, I believe with a loan from a rich French man that might be possible