Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ashland grows Up and Up and Up

You might recall this little guy. The dark one in the back.



He was about 4 months old when the pics above and below were taken.


I snatched him last year while making a delivery in Chicago, on Ashland Avenue thus the name. I am sorry to say I bought him from a pet shop instead of a shelter but he probably would've ended up in a shelter so what's the difference? Well the main difference was he was one sick puppy. Parasites to the max. losing weight, vet visits and his first two weeks here were rough. Then he got better. And bigger and bigger.

He is still growing.

Rumored to be 3/4 German Shepard and 1/4 Huskie, he was the first dog in the history of our farm to ever be allowed inside. Because he was so sick it just had to be. So he was house trained. And he does tricks! Like sit. Who knew dogs could follow commands? We do enjoy his company in the farmhouse.  Except when he insists on lying in front of the sink just because there is a heat register right there.

Sometimes he's inside and sometimes he is out. He tolerates the cold and the heat equally well. Sometimes he chases the pigs while other times he obsesses over the ducks. Chases them but never actually has them for dinner.


Since he came to the farm after Fannie, our Great Pyrenees,  he is at the bottom of the doggie totem pole. When I come out of the house Fannie will not allow him anywhere near me until SHE decides it is time. She eats first and gets the best spots in the barn to sleep in.

But he gets joy from other things

Like chasing snow.

Must be the Husky in him. I'm wondering if its too soon to hook up a sled behind him?  


  1. Lovely dog. Our old next-door neighbours (about 500 yards away) are French national champion breeders of German Shepherds.

    I do hope you made the Pet Shop pay for all his medication after you bought him. If not, visit Judge Judy; she'd soon sort them out!

  2. I forgot how much I love Judge Judy! We don't get Satellite TV anymore. But as you can see we still get to enjoy the Winter Olympics

  3. He is beautiful! I like bigger dogs rather then the little ones. We have an Australian shepherd.

    1. I too have a fondness for large dogs. I find little dogs to be snappy and rude. The exceptions are Abby, Gunther and Zoe.