Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Time is not on my Side.

Every spring same old thing.

No time. It just gets sucked away from me. One minute I'm looking at the 0600 number on my phone (yup I've given up my alarm clock for my smart phone) and the next minute it's ten pm and I'm wondering what did I really accomplish today?

So lets recap. We woke. While Keith did outside chores I helped one of our egg suppliers find room in our store frig for even more eggs, answered emails, called in beef cutting orders, invoiced pork customers from the week before. Then we drove 4 hours RT to meet with some fine folk who farm for a living, make very little money at it and our now fighting our own government tooth and nail to keep on doing it.

Because we arrived early we took 20 minutes to walk and 5 minutes in a thrift shop so Keith could buy me the coolest old painting of Irish Cottages. I did turn 54 a few days ago. Yeah, yeah, I know I don't look a day over 53.

Stopped on the way home for another errand, which is top secret. Even though I am a world wide public figure I'm allowed a little privacy. Keith then threw me out of the truck while he went to another town 20 minutes south for farm supplies.

And then I...I...oh man this is hard to admit...I watched a little TV. Not much, nothing meaningful and the entire time I swear I was thinking about farm work, and I quickly turned it off as hubbie came up the drive (we didn't put in the alarm drive to just tell us when customers were arriving you know) He doesn't really need to know what kind of sloth he married.

Feeling guilty as sin (is there any other kind of sin?) I hightailed it for the garden and did some serious weeding and transplanting. Distracted by my Mares whinnying I spent a few moments brushing her and promising for the umpteenth time we'd go for a ride soon. At 7pm Keith went out to milk while I did laundry and then ended up here. You will note that supper did not get made. Another Cheerios evening apparently.

So why do I feel like nothing was accomplished?  If any of you have a handle on this life thing let me know.

If you have time that is.


  1. Where DOES the day go?! I finally attacked my sewing room, and burrowed through boxes of stuff.
    Now it is almost dusk.
    If anyone comes up with an answer, I hope it is a good one.

    You are one seriously busy lady.

  2. Ive certainly found since i started blogging that alot of time disappears but that's OK. I consider it my time, time spent with the girls, education, at times i get to add my voice to some good causes. On Monday, i gave myself an RDO and after getting up at 6 to see hubby off, went back to bed and then stayed in my pajamas till 4.30 in the afternoon. How decadent. Ive worked full time since i was 17 and im just about 50. I've think ive earned a sloth day every now and then.

  3. Whoa, did you mention a painting of an Irish cottage and then did not show us said painting....

    Hope your birthday was wonderful---Happy Belated Birthday!

  4. Oh, I am crying, I'm laughing so hard. I love you, Miss Donna, I think you work too hard as it is, cut yourself some slack! And Happy Birthday!!

  5. So funny, yes alarms in the driveway can be a good thing. If I sit down to watch tv I fall asleep, seems to be a daily problem lately.