Saturday, May 18, 2013

A 3 hour Tour

Any Gilligan Fans out there? Then you are aware of the fun and games that can come about after a three hour tour goes wrong. Ginger was highly over rated. Maryann? The real hero.

Our tour however worked out just fine. The Fairbury Garden Club arrived right on time (as they had scheduled months ago, these ladies are organized) in old shoes like I had advised (these ladies follow directions) and after the meeting provided sugary snacks and fruity drinks (these ladies come prepared)


Per their request, we first toured the farm, several were even brave enough to give Mad Max his yearned for behind the ears scratch, then gathered at the back porch for the speaker of the evening.



Yes, that is correct. My husband stood up in front of a good sized crowd and talked about bees. For those of you who know my guy you know he is great one on one but really does not enjoy crowds, or so he always told me.

It was obvious he's been fibbing.

He must have figured out early on that his big mouth wife was more than willing to have her face out in front so why should he? But Tuesday night he blew it bad by not only talking to folks about bees, and their care and habits but he also seemed to be enjoying it. At one point he even asked the woman if anyone had questions?!?

Of sure, they feigned a mild interest in my wee chat about making your own soap but it was the bearded guy and his queen bee that kept their interest. Oh well, I've had my mug in the paper twice in the last week it was certainly time for Mommy Dearest to get out of the limelight for once.


  1. This all sounded familiar....:) I'm the shy quiet one too.

  2. Way to go Keith! I talk to groups all the time as a part of my off farm job. I know how hard that can be at times, but it helps to talk about something you know and love and it gets easier the more you do it.

  3. I wish I could do the tour! Good for them, expanding their horizons!