Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saponification Sunday

I am not a perfectionist...when it comes to soap. At least not so much about the looks. I do expect them to treat your skin well.

Some might say I am "creative" while I think it has more to do with laziness. Instead of taking the time to look up the recipe of a particular batch, I'll start with the recipe, see another additive in my box of tricks, and adjust the formula. The recipe calls for orange peel powder but I see Green What Grass powder and Off I go.

Which is why after two years of soaping, I rarely make the same bar twice. Exceptions are my "Cro-Bar" made with Guinness and named after blogger friend Cro Magnon, my Java Wood Bar made with real strong coffee and my Blue Grass Soap made for Special Friend Bob.
The above soap was colored with Indigo Powder which depending on the amount used and the type of oils you add, along with the variations of gel or no-gel, can result in a deep blue to a light blue-green like I got this go round.
My soap resting on Julia Kalkbrenners (Cocobong)stunning,  handmade, clay soap dish.
I also do not care one bit about soap ash, which is the white coating you get sometimes. You can prevent it by covering your soap with saran wrap while it cures or toss  it in the frig overnight. I like that each bar looks different and besides the first time you use it, the ash is gone. I do however insist that my purse is always hung on the hook under my chair in the kitchen and I cannot sleep without the same little red pillow I have slept with for years.
We all have our quirks be they lather related or not.
But what I like MOST about my new blue soap is that it looks like the first ultrasound done on my yet unborn child Raven, 32 years ago. Adorable, isn't she?


  1. And there was I thinking it looks like the Cheshire Cat!!

    I love reading about you and soap -- it has all the elements of a great romance...

  2. The Broad. A Great Romance you say? You are the best Lady Chatterly!

  3. Martha, I was putting away Christmas items yesterday and when I came across the beautiful white and red dish cloth you sent I decided to out it away until nextyear. I want it to last forever because it is truly ADORABLE!

  4. Beautiful soap! Always a pleasure (and a laugh:) to read your posts, Mrs. Farmwife. Another couple of weeks before we have an abundance of goats milk again so I can start trying some of those colors you sent and creating lots of soap~ can't wait!

  5. Beautiful soap, Donna! I love the light blue color and the delicate swirls. The textured tops look nice, too.

  6. I really love the natural, earthy feel to this soap. =)