Thursday, September 1, 2011


Sundays are slow around here, at least as slow as they can be with over 150 head of livestock to care for. But after morning chores are completed (about 3 hrs) and before evening chores (another 3 hours) we take a break.

Sometimes a few customers will come and go, most know how to "self-serve" when getting meat from our store or milk from our tank, so often we don't even notice them. Usually our grown kids will drop by, sometimes for a meal, sometimes to ride dirt bikes and then lately they've come  to see the newest  high tech toy...the tire that swingeth.

The tire swing gadget was new to the grand kids and when the Papa went to install it, they were greatly intrigued. I, on the other hand was more concerned than intrigued and  had 911 all warmed up and ready to roll. No, not because of  injuries that might occur using the goofy swing but more because of the goofy Papa and his installation methods.

                            I'm not sure why I worried. In 1993 he built an entire barn this way.

           The GK's and I held our breath as he swung the rope a few
                          times to get just the right branch.

To enhance the safety aspect, I layed (laid ? layeth? fell?) down under the tractor bucket to give Keith a nice cushy place to land in the event of slippage. I'm just that kind of wife. Pure coincidence that I was tired (from watching him work) and needed a nap.

Once in place the GK's were loaded all aboard. At first they were a tad leery.

                                                     And held on tightly. Very tightly

But with practice and time and more practice, they loosened up and began to trust those little muscles . Soon Tarzan and Jane were swinging with the best of them.

With a little help from special helpers like Aunt Amanda, what was a bit fearful became a scream fest.

Eventually even the old folks got involved, (old being 23) pretending like they were too cool to enjoy such a childish activity.

After ward, a rest was needed. Have you ever used a Great Pyrenees for a pillow ? Its pretty sweet.


  1. Looks like the rest of the year will be a Good year. ;p

  2. That's how we used to pick apples.

  3. I've just installed a rope ladder for my lot... amazing the new things they find to do with a simple rope ladder!

  4. MBJ. Apples ? Really ? How much wine was involved with this picking of the apples from a tire swing?

    ANON. GoodYear. Finally I get it. :) Well done.

    Cro,because of you several of our chickens now have the same name. Just thought you'd like to know

  5. We had just the same swing when we were kids. I remember when my cousin and I tried to crawl through the tyre at the same time and got stuck. We had to wait for my uncle to come home from work to cut us free. But I liked it nevertheless.

  6. that last image is pure bliss! lovely post as always, Mrs O. never took to tire swings, 'tho, they were just too darn uncomfortable. also, i get seasick on them

  7. From the front end loader smartie pants.

  8. Nice to see kids swinging and climbing all over trees instead of vegetating in front of a playstation for a change.

  9. Both sets of my grandparents had a swing, 1 tire, 1 board. I loved them both. Our property has lots of trees, your post prompts me to look for a swing tree. I've never outgrown my love of swings tho I have outgrown my childhood seat size!! :-)

  10. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic now. We had a tire swing at my grandparents house - actually both grandparents, but only one was there when I was young enough to swing on it. :) Lots of great memories will be made at your house for sure!

  11. I had a swing like this when I was growing up, but my dad sure didn't use a front-end loader to get it up there. Goodness, no! He stood on the seat of his Allis-Chalmbers (sp?) tractor.

  12. I am so jealous! For years I've wanted swings from the towering trees on our land, and your blog has helped my husband find a fun way of doing it. Excellent idea. And the guard dog as a pillow was pretty cool.

  13. We had a tire swing when we were little. It was in the big maple out front. We piled up huge mounds of leaves and used the tire swing to get a good jump into the pile.
    My brothers loved it.

    But more thrilling than the tire swing was the big rope we rigged up from the barn rafters. It had a huge knot at the end. To swing you slung the rope over your shoulder as you climbed the ladder to the loft. Wrapped your legs around the rope and curled your toes around the knot and jumped. If you times it just right you could jump off and land on the hay pile on the other side of the barn... good times! :<)