Monday, September 19, 2011

Stupid is as Ridiculously Slow and Stupid Does

First, ( and always it seems lately ) MY APOLOGIES.  In the back of my head someone nominated me for something again. A few weeks ago I believe. For something well done possibly or could have been a mediocre nomination, which is more appropriate. Please forgive me for not publically recognizing it when it happened. I genuinely appreciate these sweet things you sayeth to me. So, looking unsuccessfully through past comments for this nomination for something somewhere I noticed something else.

On Sept 16, I received my 1000th comment ! It was made by Walter Jeffries whose blog was the very first one I ever started following over 2 years ago. How can you not believe in good Car-Ma, ( You can never get luckier than a Chevy Nova I always said,) Fung Shray, the power of the purple crystal etc...when something like that happens ? Well I don't but still, its fun. Thank you Walter over at Sugar Mountain Farm   Dang it now ! I just hopped over to Walters site and seems he asked me to take a few pics of my rooster art and post on my blog. Missed that request completely. Forgive me Walter. I will do just that.

You know, if I would just get some kind of routine in my life I maybe wouldn't be playing catch-up all the time. I'm telling you the pressure of the blogging world are mind numbing. And speaking of syndication...
I received an email two days ago from a website known as "Before Its News"
inviting me to have my blog syndicated and available on their site under the self-sufficiency section.

Being the limelight hog I can be (what self-respecting, Irish writer isn't?) I was flattered. I am also highly suspicious. Reminds me of those "Whose Who is Whatever" books you get invited to be published in after you pay $39.95 for the book of course. At least this web site did not ask me for any money.

Did they ask you for any money to have my blog syndicated ? I mean we all are very close you know and the folks at Before Its News might take advantage of our friendship by asking you for handouts. And you being kind, gentle, generous folk might send money just for the sake of said blog friendship. Oh how I would hate to see you get ripped off.

So lets do this. Lets just skip this middle web thief and you can send the money directly to me. Sure, send cash, I happen to think the post office has the highest of morals. That way you can support me the way you want to and I can keep from losing any of my material or brilliant ideas to virtual strangers. Sort of a win-win situation, for me.

Oh relax, I am indeed messing with your heads. Not about the blog syndication part , in fact why don't you check out that site for me and let me know your thoughts?, but I am kidding about the money.

Everyone knows you should never send cash through the mail.  Certified bank checks, however, are always welcome. Speaking of gifts, what do you think Walter would like for making the 1000th comment ? Hmm?


  1. Just beware of spam and viruses.

    re Awards, I personally never accept them. It's flattering that others see your writing as worthy, but they usually contain some time-consuming follow-up.

    Congrats on your millennium.

  2. An awful lot of the articles in the "self sufficiency" section sounded like the doom and gloom, survivalists preparing for the end of life on earth as we know it kinda stuff to me. That's just not your style. You come across as an easy going, much more upbeat self sufficiency kind of person!

  3. I got an email from them too.

    No thanks, I say.

    Have a good one!