Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Organic Diet Coke

If you open our frig door on any given day you are likely to find this...

A case of Diet Coke, a bottle of tart cherry juice, and a gallon of raw milk. The Diet Coke is a very old habit. I picked it up after I tired of drinking Tab, my pop choice through the 70's and 80's. So for the last two decades its been Diet Coke. I'm a Taurus. I'm very loyal both to my loved ones and to my choice of pop.

Lately I've been drinking the tart cherry juice as its suppossed to be good for so many things. And then there is the ever present container of raw milk from our own dairy, which we use for everything and anything. The other very important, life sustaining drink which is missing is COFFEE. Missing because it must be fresh, strong , black and very hot.

I'd like to dump the pop completely. Its always a work in progress. I can go a couple weeks without it and then I crave it and send Keith out into the driving rain, snow and blowing icebergs to get me some. I know it serves no good purpose in my body, other than fliuds, but still...I am smitten. Forgive me my purist organic friends for I continue to sin.

Guinness ? Of course it is not on the shelf with all the other common drinks. Nectar has its own special place in our dark basement refrigerator.


  1. Well if that's the biggest vice in your fridge your doing quite all right! Like the post on Boar meat - now there's a real niche market

  2. LOL! Brian and I both feel yah sister. We have kicked the Dr Pepper habit many times... but still it lures us back with it's promise of quick energy and bubbles!

  3. To funny... love the Diet coke. I can't drink the cherry juice, it gives my terrible gas, go figure...:-) I switched over to the Fruit Advantage cherry capsule my arthritis is gone and no husband loves it