Monday, July 7, 2014

Raw Milk Monday...Crain's Chicago Business Article

Well, it's July and IDPH's proposed rules on raw milk in Illinois will be posted soon in the Federal Register. Watch this blog closely as well as Illinois Alliance For Raw Milk Facebook Page for information on how to comment on these proposed rules.

In the meantime we were thrilled to be contacted by Crain's Chicago Business for an article on this topic. They also talked to another raw milk farmer friend of ours, Shannon Konczal, and one of our customers Val Guastalli. We had given the journalist, Danielle Braff, several contact names but apparently they only had space for a short article.

Although I was happy to get the coverage for this important cause I was not thrilled with the way statistics were presented. The same old numbers being tossed about without any real investigative analysis. Deep sigh....

Thanks to the very hard work of Sally Fallon Morell of the Westin A Price Foundation, who is such a strong advocate for raw milk across our country, I was able to clarify the statistics used in the article. This will allow readers to clearly see that the risk of illness from raw milk consumption is very tiny and warrants no interference from IDPH at all.

You can see the raw milk article just released by Crain's Chicago Business ( and my comments)
RIGHT HERE. Please if you are so inclined, make your own comments about the issue on that page. Crain's is a huge Chicago publication and the more folks read about this issue the more likely we will get the comments we need when the rules are published in the Federal Register.

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