Monday, December 16, 2013

Really...Where is the Dang Beef?

Well we're not holding out that's for sure. Even in the freezer of the farmer there is no beef, or pork. Yes we have chicken, lots of chicken but we want beef and some bacon please.Of course when our freezers were overflowing with beef and pork we wanted chicken.

Fickle Farmers

You see the beef just failed to met the demand and the demand in 2013 was great. Last week we did take in one, that's right just one, beef to the Eureka locker. It will most likely result in about 400 pounds of frozen beef packages ready to be picked up just after Christmas.

Now the grocery stores want all of it and our store customers want all of it and Keith and I want...don't worry we only want a little. But no worries we've got it figured out. The four grocery stores get "heads" and our regular farm store customers, those who travel here, will get "tails"

Now all we have to do is find some big brute who can toss a 1000 pound frozen animal up high in the air. Spining it of course. It's more fair that way.


  1. Glad that you have this "problem" :) Well, at least from the business end. We're waiting on "our" pig to get ready for the butcher, but it won't be until February. And I only have like FOUR packages of sausage left!!
    Yes, our freezer is pretty much full of deer and chicken, but, like you, I want what we don't (or won't soon) have. Never satisfied.

  2. That sounds like an analogy for life in general.

  3. Wow, you farmers really are fickle ;-)

    Picked up the smoked portion of my pig just before the snow came. Lots of pork. Check. Still a goodly amount of beef (nearly all ground and bones for soup is what's left); check. Supporting my local farmer? Priceless.

  4. Your beef must be amazing to have such demand for it!