Friday, October 11, 2013

She who eats the dead

 Yes, you read that right. She who eats the dead, like mice and rats and deceased birds, which tends to make her breath slightly off.

She also sleeps much of the day and runs around at night.

We have no idea where she goes and who she is running with. She often breaks curfew.

She never combs her hair or takes a bath unless you call running though tall muddy weeds a bath.

She takes food from her own kind and is prone to extreme jealousy.

So extreme she's been seen holding down her competitor (poor Ashland) with her snarling teeth just because he irritated her. But I can remove a juicy porkchop from her mouth and she merely looks sad.

And she never snarls at her master or her masters children or her masters children's children.

And I trust her



  1. I have known dogs like that, and they also roll in dead things!

  2. You win 'Title of the Year'.

    There really is nothing to compare with a dog like that. Mine are OK (ish), but I know their faults.

  3. I was thinking this was going to be more like a post about the walking dead!

  4. It's SOOOOO wonderful to have a dog like that. Lucky you!
    Good dog. Now go find her something dead to roll in and chew on :)

  5. Ah the joys of a good dog!

    1. She is our second Great Pyrennes and we will never have any other kind of guard dog ever. The Shepard puppy we have is purely for amusement purposes