Thursday, April 4, 2013

Renegade Pigs

People, or least those new to pastured pig farming, will often ask us;
"When do you ween your piglets"

And we tell them "oh around 12 weeks"

But the truth is, they get weaned from their mama and out into lock down right about the same time they start tearing up my yard. Depending on their personal motivation, this might be anywhere from 6 weeks and up.

Mama pig to far left, Renegade pigs end of lane.

This fat litter, 11 of them were born about 7 weeks ago. For about a week now they have been sneaking under the wire fence and terrorizing my neighborhood. Digging under bushes, chases chickens, playing tag with the dogs.

Finally, mother convinces them to come home

Their mother frets when they are out of their pen, pacing up and down the fence line, Calling to them but they blow her off making lame promises about being home before dark and no of course they are not running with the inbred feral hogs in the woods.

Finally home, big bad mama sow watches out for bad influences
It's all fun and games until some Porkina comes home with a Big Bad Wolf Tat and silver hoop earrings  where her plastic state approved tag once was.


  1. She looks very proud of them in the final pic.

  2. Cro. Mostly she is happy that they will be weaned today!

  3. Lynda, I am also very average looking. How lucky is MY husband?!?

  4. My father used to put nose rings in those run-aways. It would go with the tatts>