Friday, December 6, 2013

Rudolph is Real

Our 9 year old GK has figured out Santa just may be fictitious. I have not admitted such but she is on her own quest for truth. Her 6 year old brother knows for certain that Santa is real and fortunately the older GK is committed to protecting him and covers his ears when anyone might be letting the fat man  of the red velvet bag.

For a girl who is generally irritated by her brother 99% of the time, this endearing side of her is a trait we are encouraging.


Perhaps it is because in her own head she is not quite ready to give up the dream and keeping it alive for her brother is her excuse to dapple in fantasy. Thus the same reason I spent 15 minutes last night jamming a teddy bear into one of the GK's old Christmas sweaters, a penguin on a sled across the top.

I too can't quite give up that which I know is false. And so each year I still put a few gifts under the tree that say "From Santa" wrapped in paper that does not match any of the other wrappings.

Life is too full of harsh realities as it is.

This past weekend we took the kids to the Reindeer park to further prove Santa was real as were his little slave critters. Reindeer running around a very Midwestern Farm sans any snow on a very warm day, does seem odd but we paid our $4 for one tiny cookie and fed the spoiled critters.


Each year I am amazed that a child does not lose an eye to one of those antler clad fellows but so far so good. The beasts seem to have a good idea of where their head horns end, moving them about very gracefully. We are told they are very sensitive to touch so maybe that is why they tend to keep their antlers in the clear...relatively speaking.

This one obviously saw me as a potential mate
But Reindeer Kisses? Not really my thing.

After petting the noses of Santa's own we paid a horrific price to tramp through the grounds and cut down our own tree. In years past I always choose as Keith is happy as long as it not White House Sized but lately Allana has decided that her opinion is what matters. She and I often flip coins to see who gets their way or I wrestle her for the win, while our gentle men folk just wait to be told which one to carry home.

Keith cuts while Allana gives directions.
She comes from along line of direction givers

Wesley leads, Keith takes middle, Allana brings up the rear.
Where am I? Taking the all important photo of course.
It's generally how I get out of most work.

30 minutes later after checking out all the possibilities, we agreed on a fine but too short for me tree. Afterwards it was hot chocolate and marsh mellows followed by a trip into the overpriced gift shop. Each GK was given a limit for purchase of some Christmas gifts for others and they did a fine shop of value shopping. Even the 6 year old knows that $20 for a mass produced paper 6 inch angel from Taiwan is ridiculous and announced "You can make that can't you Yaya?"

Yes, I can. It will look like a wicked angel of darkness, cause I'll create it from used coffee filters but yeah I can make one.

Enjoy the season everyone. It only comes once a year.


  1. Oh, this does remind me of the long-ago days when we'd tramp with our daughters up and down hills looking for the perfect tree. It looks like you and the GK had a wonderful time!

    1. We did Leslie. We are so blessed that our children all live within 30 mins of us and the GK's are therefore very close as well. I always bribe the GKS like so for future gnerations

      "Want a cookie"
      "Promise never to move away and promise to have your children close by and bring them to see me at least once a week until I die?"
      "Yes, I mean Yes"
      "Ok here's your cookie"

  2. Oh, this does remind me of the long-ago days when we'd tramp with our daughters up and down hills looking for the perfect tree. It looks like you and the GK had a wonderful time!

  3. Sounds & looks like you had a lovely day.

    1. We did for sure. Keith however is still recovering from sticker price of the tree...

  4. Lady Magnon's Christmas presents are always marked 'From Santa', so I know full-well that he's real. He has a red face, white beard, and laughs a lot. You may inform your GK's.

  5. Thank you Cro. An international confirmation is just what was needed

  6. I think it's sweet that your older GK doesn't want her younger sibling to find out the harsh truth.